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The Customer Obsession Barometer

Syndicated annual study to rank 100 major brands versus the Customer Obsession Continuum, and provide a composite score that quantifies each company’s Customer Obsession quotient. Custom studies to rank specific companies versus the Customer Obsession Continuum, compare to brands in the annual study, and provide recommendations on how to move up the ladder.

Advantage Circles

Compare notes with 5-7 peer executives from other companies on the Customer Obsession journey in a monthly session moderated by Blueprint for Customer Obsession author Marbue Brown. Participants include companies at all stages of the Customer Obsession Continuum. Circles are optimized so that participation is mutually beneficial for all participants. Circles cover topics such as 1) The Role of AI and ML in Delivering Customer Obsessed Service, 2) Enabling Customer Obsessed Service through Digital Channels, 3) Hiring for Customer Obsession, 4) How Employee Obsession enables Customer Obsession

Advantage Keynotes

Make Customer Obsession come alive and mobilize your business around your Customer Obsession aspirations with an inspirational keynote at your leadership offsites, all hands meetings

Advantage Roadmaps

Build a roadmap to join the ranks of Customer Obsession icons based on the eight differentiators that define Customer Obsession as detailed in the book Blueprint for Customer Obsession. Get an in-depth assessment of where your company is on the Customer Obsession continuum. Identify gaps in policies and practices that Customer Obsession. Identify key roadblocks to a Customer Obsessed culture. Secure a set of specific actions to take to move the needle at your company.

Advantage Financial Solutions

Joint venture with financial service companies to deliver investment opportunities that are built around companies that possess the hallmarks of Customer Obsession, especially promising start-ups

Advantage Coaching/Workshops

Custom one-day sessions that provide board directors, executives or executive teams with pointers on how to deploy Customer Obsession as a business strategy as well as what types of business results they can expect as a result. Emphasis will be on
— Diving deep into the eight differentiators of Customer Obsessed businesses to show how they come to life in practical terms
— Identifying opportunities to jump start and/or accelerate their own Customer Obsession journey
— Uncovering policies or practices that conflict with their Customer Obsession aspirations and that send mixed messages downstream
— Identifying insertion points to embed Customer Obsessed behaviors and practices into the normal rhythm of their business

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